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Yipeeee, Will Jewell’s short, read at Scriptease, is on the BAFTA longlist, congrats to Will and Fractured Films


We’re taking a break for now  but we’re still happy to consider scripts for when we start up again. Hopefully in the Autumn.

All best for now,

Lisa and Debbie XXX

. . .that you ‘d like us to read – we’re currently planning for our autumn season, so please get in touch with Lisa (

And just so you know that Scriptease works, the following scripts were read this year and were given feedback and have been produced: Will Jewel’s Number Seven; Dani Carbery’s Smells Of Wee, Helen Nelder’s festival hit Sweet Heart; Lisa Fulthorpe’s Love And Other Games (aka Couples); and now Maggie Clune’s Hangman has just gone into rehearsal (see events for more details)

And  take a look at our opportunities page too – there are plenty of competitions and companies/producers  looking  for new writing.

Scriptease September 2010

Maddie, Robert and Christian reading The Studio by Robert Vahey

Scriptease has been created for Sussex-based scriptwriters and actors who are developing work for theatre, radio, TV and film. We’ve been up and running for over a year now and are a successful and expanding group.

As we often seem to be the most neglected part of the creative food chain, we launched Scriptease in a proactive bid to take control of our work, from the first draft through to production.

Our group meets on the last Tues of each month in Brighton for read-throughs by local actors of scripts submitted by group members.  These meetings will enable us to hear our work read and get constructive feedback in a supportive environment. They are also free.

All we ask is that participating writers who have had their work read come back whenever they can in order to support other writers.

Scriptease is also a chance for writers to meet regularly with other writers and actors who are committed to developing their craft and want to share info and ideas.  We hope to nurture the confidence and motivation that can ebb away when you spend hours staring at a keyboard or blank page until your eyeballs bleed. For actors its an opportunity to work with writers, and crucially to  maintain and develop skills.

The group co-ordinators will be Lisa Fulthorpe and Debbie Plentie, two Brighton writers whose scripts have been produced for theatre, TV and film.

We are looking for work in the following categories:

 Dramas for theatre/radio/TV

Short films: no longer than 10 mins

Sitcoms: 30 mins duration

Features: full length

Monologues – stage/radio

Please be aware that longer pieces may have to be read over 2 nights.

Whether you are a writer or an actor or you just like hearing new work being made you are welcome to come along.

You can get in touch with us either via this blog or contact:

Best wishes and get writing!

Lisa and Debbie


Hangman by Maggie Clune

Love And Other Games by Lisa Fulthorpe

Review Love And Other Games

'... successfully (and comically) captures the dysfunctionality of love in 21st Century Britain' Tottenham Journal

‎'A masterclass in how to stage a story in 1 Act' West End Extra

Read At Scriptease

SweetHeart by Helen Nelder

Read at Scriptease

Smells Of Wee by Dani Carbery

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